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NBA G League Overview

Get started with NBA G League API v7



Please note that the current, stable version of our NBA G League API is v8. We suggest integrating with this version.


To best utilize the NBA G League API v7, you will need several parameters to create your API calls. The map below illustrates how you can obtain the parameters you need.

The primary feeds require only a date or season to call the endpoints. Those feeds provide Game, Team, or Player Ids which can be used to generate the game, team, and player feeds. All of the other feeds require no variables.

Data Retrieval Samples

To find a team's leader in assists for a given game:

  1. Call the season or series schedule and find the Game Id for the chosen game
  2. Call the Game Boxscore using the Game Id
  3. Find the Team Assists Leader statistics and locate the player full_name attribute

The name of the team's leader in assists is displayed.

To find a player's average points per game:

  1. Call the season or series schedule and find id for the team the player is on
  2. Call the Team Profile using the Team ID
  3. Locate the Player ID for your chosen player and call the Player Profile.
  4. Find the average element with the points attribute

The players's average points are displayed.

Coverage Levels

We provide two different levels of detail to ensure maximum coverage. We combine coverage levels with the correct feeds to ensure you are getting the most comprehensive data offering in the most efficient manner possible.

Full – We provide live play-by-play coverage for the entire game. We provide updated scores and time
remaining as well as team- and player-level data in near real time. Full coverage is available for all
regular and postseason games.

Extended Boxscore – We provide scores, time remaining, and team leaders (assists, points, and
rebounds), in a timely manner, as the game progresses. We provide team and player-level data for the game within 30 minutes of the official results being posted.


Preseason Coverage

Preseason coverage of G League games may vary. Due to data-entry coverage (from venue) not being available, some games may be covered via our extended boxscore coverage.

Integration Links

Postman Workspace

Our entire Media APIs are available on Postman. Click the link above to be taken directly to our NBA G League API collection. Please note that this collection is specific to the current version (v8).

Feel free to follow and/or fork any collections to receive updates.

Schema Download

Open the zip file below to access our entire NBA G League API XSD schema.

NBA G League v7 Schema

Failover Information

Reference the below files to find data points unavailable when Sportradar's data team provides game updates due to a G League data interruption. Please note that when the game is over, all data entered by Sportradar is deleted and replaced with the official data provided by the NBA G League.

Failover Details

Failover Statistics Summary