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Provides tee times for a given round, including pairings and starting positions.


Update Frequency

This endpoint will update to a 2s TTL (time to live) upon a game moving to inprogress. Upon closed, it will transfer to 120s.

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idcourseGUIDUnique ID of a course
ex. 7e9462a5-66ea-4205-b37a-81884e3653cf
namecourseStringName of a course
ex. Augusta National
parcourseIntegerPar for a course
ex. 72
yardagecourseIntegerTotal yardage of a course
ex. 7510
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
back_ninematchBooleanSignifies the starting point of a match (back nine or front nine)
match_formatmatchStringFormat of a match
singles, fourball, foursomes
idmatchGUIDUnique ID of a match
ex. 09a5bbfd-595b-4c83-b803-6f0b78679ae1
sequencematchIntegerSequence number of a match within a tournament
sequencematch - participantIntegerSequence number of a player within a match
statusmatchStringStatus of a match
ex. inprogress, closed
titlematchStringTitle of a match
ex. Round 4 Match 8
match_typematchStringType of a match
regular, semifinal, championship, consolation
tee_timematchdateTimeTee time of a match
ex. 2022-03-23T14:31:00+00:00
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
back_ninepairingBooleanSignifies the starting point of a pair (back nine or front nine)
idpairingGUIDUnique ID of a pairing
ex. 01048eea-8a29-4b87-83c1-2c09557e52bb
tee_timepairingdateTimeTee time of a pairing
ex. 2022-03-23T14:31:00+00:00
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
abbr_namepairing - playerStringAbbreviated name of a player
ex. R.McIlroy
amateurplayerBooleanSignifies a player is in amateur status when true
countrypairing - playerStringCountry of a player
first_namepairing - playerStringFirst name of a player
ex. Rory
idpairing - playerGUIDUnique player ID
ex. da226913-b804-48de-adbf-96e956eb75ac
last_namepairing - playerStringLast name of a player
ex. McIlroy
namepairing - playerStringName of a player
ex. McIlroy, Rory
seedpairing - playerIntegerSeed number of a player
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idparticipant - teamGUIDUnique team ID
ex. 450b30b7-c73c-4164-8439-6656c89c0e58
nameparticipant - teamStringName of a team
ex. Europe
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idroundGUIDUnique ID of a round
ex. 56983b8a-92e6-40b1-8c53-1b38857d712b
numberroundGUIDNumber of a round
statusroundGUIDStatus of a round
scheduled, inprogress, delayed, suspended, cancelled, complete, closed, reopened
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idmatch - bracketGUIDUnique ID of a bracket grouping
ex. 64208c73-d620-426c-b0b6-88d4b6d0d499
namematch - bracketStringName of a bracket grouping
ex. Group 11
course_timezonetournamentStringTimezone of a course
ex. America/New_York
coveragetournamentStringCoverage of a tournament. Click *here for a complete breakdown of our tour coverage.
ex. full
end_datetournamentdateTimeEnd date of a tournament
ex. 2022-11-20
event_typetournamentdateTimeScoring type of a tournament
stroke, match, cup, team, mix
pointstournamentIntegerTotal number of FedEX Cup points for a tournament
idtournamentGUIDUnique ID of a tournament
ex. 42b7bbc2-858a-4c0d-85dc-b30179bb5e9a
nametournamentStringName of a tournament
ex. Wells Fargo Championship
pursetournamentFloatTotal prize money for a tournament
ex. 15000000.0
currencytournamentStringPrize money currency type of a tournament
ex. USD
scoring_systemtournamentStringScoring system for a tournament
stroke, stableford
start_datetournamentdateTimeStart date of a tournament
ex. 2022-11-20
statustournamentGUIDStatus of a tournament
scheduled, inprogress, delayed, cancelled, created, complete, closed, playoff, reopened
parent_idtournamentGUIDUnique parent ID for a tournament. Use this ID to tie reoccurring events across seasons.
ex. 5c8d8f92-8da7-4d5d-860b-e820d57ff640 (ID for The Masters)
winning_sharetournamentFloatPrize money for first place in a tournament
ex. 1080000.0
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