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Provides biographical information and tournament statistics for currently live tournaments for a given player.


Update Frequency

120s Time To Live / Cache

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
abbr_nameprofileStringAbbreviated name of a player
ex. R.McIlroy
amateurprofileBooleanSignifies a player is in amateur status when true
birthdayprofileDatePlayer date of birth
ex. 1989-05-04
birth_placeprofileStringBirthplace of a player
ex. Holywood, , IRL
collegeprofileStringCollege attended
ex. Iowa
countryprofileStringCountry of a player
first_nameprofileStringFirst name of a player
ex. Rory
handednessprofileStringHandedness of a player
ex. R, L
heightprofileIntegerHeight in inches
idprofileGUIDUnique player ID
ex. da226913-b804-48de-adbf-96e956eb75ac
last_nameprofileStringLast name of a player
ex. McIlroy
nameprofileStringName of a player
ex. McIlroy, Rory
residenceprofileStringResidence of a player
ex. Holywood, , IRL
weightprofileShortWeight in lbs.
turned_proprofileShortYear a player became a professional
Leaderboard & Summary:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
positiontournament - leaderboard - playerShortLeaderboard position for a player
moneytournament - leaderboard - playerFloatTournament money won (in US dollars) for a player
scoretournament - leaderboard - playerIntegerOverall player score in a tournament or playoff
ex. -10
statustournament - leaderboard - playerStringStatus of a player for a particular tournament

See our Golf FAQ for more info and definitions of each status
strokestournament - leaderboard - playerShortOverall player strokes in a tournament or playoff
ex. -10
pointstournament - leaderboard - playerFloatFedEX points earned for a player in a tournament
tiedtournament - leaderboard - playerBooleanSignifies a tie for a leaderboard spot
birdiestournament - leaderboard - player - roundIntegerNumber of birdies in a tournament round
bogeystournament - leaderboard - player - roundIntegerNumber of bogeys in a tournament round
double_bogeystournament - leaderboard - player - roundIntegerNumber of double bogeys in a tournament round
eaglestournament - leaderboard - player - roundIntegerNumber of eagles in a tournament round
thrutournament - leaderboard - player - roundIntegerNumber of holes completed in a tournament round
holes_in_onetournament - leaderboard - player - roundIntegerNumber of holes in one in a tournament round
other_scorestournament - leaderboard - player - roundIntegerNumber of other scores in a tournament round (non- pars, birdies, eagles, holes in one, bogeys, double bogeys)
parstournament - leaderboard - player - roundIntegerNumber of pars in a tournament round
sequencetournament - leaderboard - player - roundIntegerTournament round number
scoretournament - leaderboard - player - roundIntegerPlayer score in a round
ex. -4
strokestournament - leaderboard - player - roundShortPlayer strokes in a round
ex. 68
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idtournament / statistics - seasonGUIDUnique ID of a season
ex. ece9907c-6fe3-4944-8cb9-bb1033270259
yeartournament / statistics - seasonGUIDYear of a tour season
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
aliasseason - tourStringAlias of a tour
ex. pga
idseason - tourGUIDUnique ID of a tour
ex. b52068af-28e4-4e91-bdbb-037591b0ff84
nameseason - tourStringName of a tour
ex. PGA Tour
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
course_timezonetournamentStringTimezone of a course
ex. America/New_York
coveragetournamentStringCoverage of a tournament. Click *here for a complete breakdown of our tour coverage.
ex. full
end_datetournamentdateTimeEnd date of a tournament
ex. 2022-11-20
event_typetournamentdateTimeScoring type of a tournament
stroke, match, cup, team, mix
pointstournamentIntegerTotal number of FedEX Cup points for a tournament
idtournamentGUIDUnique ID of a tournament
ex. 42b7bbc2-858a-4c0d-85dc-b30179bb5e9a
nametournamentStringName of a tournament
ex. Wells Fargo Championship
pursetournamentFloatTotal prize money for a tournament
ex. 15000000.0
currencytournamentStringPrize money currency type of a tournament
ex. USD
scoring_systemtournamentStringScoring system for a tournament
stroke, stableford
start_datetournamentdateTimeStart date of a tournament
ex. 2022-11-20
statustournamentGUIDStatus of a tournament
scheduled, inprogress, delayed, cancelled, created, complete, closed, playoff, reopened
winning_sharetournamentFloatPrize money for first place in a tournament
ex. 1080000.0
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