Getting Started
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Register for an account to get free and immediate trial access to our APIs. Our trials return live, real-time sports data at limited requests.

Sportradar brings together a whole conference of application programming interfaces (APIs) to give you access to all the sports data you need for your website applications and mobile apps.

There are two steps to getting started with Sportradar APIs. The first is to create your account. This account - and corresponding key - identifies your access and is needed for any API requests.

Gain Trial Access

Second, once you have your trial access, you need to understand how to call the Sportradar APIs. You don't need to write any code to get started. Instead, you can use our sandboxes to test those calls against our live sports data.

Our APIs are separated by sport to account for differing structures and statistics tracked. We also provide League Specific and General Sport APIs for some sports played globally. View each of our APIs and other products here, or via the top navigation dropdown.

Sportradar APIs are organized around RESTful structure. APIs are accessible through HTTP GET requests, using intuitive URLs and responses are available in both JSON and XML formats.


Sportradar's APIs are a B2B (Business-to-Business) service and are not intended to be called directly from a client application.