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Note: For seasons which span multiple calendar years (e.g. 2015-16), use the earlier year as the season parameter (e.g. 2015).
Note: For more specific season data, you may enter the season ID in place of the Tournament ID when applicable.

Sportradar's Australian Rules Football API v3

Sportradar's Badminton API v2

Sportradar's Bandy API v1

Sportradar's Beach Soccer API v1

Sportradar's Beach Volleyball API v2

Sportradar's BIG3 API v1

Sportradar's Cricket API v2

Sportradar's Curling API v1

Sportradar's Cycling API v2

Sportradar's Darts API v2

Sportradar's AP Editorial Content v3

Sportradar's Field Hockey API v2

Sportradar's Floorball API v1

Sportradar's Formula 1 API v2

Sportradar's Formula E API v2

Sportradar's Futsal API v2

Sportradar's Global American Football API v2

Sportradar's Global Baseball API v2

Sportradar's Global Basketball API v2

Sportradar's Global Ice Hockey API v2

Sportradar's Golf API v3

Sportradar's Handball API v2

Sportradar's Horse Racing API v2

To view your Image trial keys visit: https://developer.sportradar.com/apps/mykeys

Sportradar's Indoor Volleyball API v2

Sportradar's Indy Car API v2

Sportradar's Lacrosse API v1

Sportradar's MLB Betting Insights API v1

Sportradar's MLB API v7

Sportradar's MLB API v7 with Statcast

Sportradar's MMA API v2

Sportradar's MotoGP API v2

Sportradar's Motorsport API v1

Sportradar's NASCAR API v3

Sportradar's NASCAR Official API v3

Sportradar's NBA Betting Insights API v1

Sportradar's NBA G League API v7

Sportradar's NBA API v7

Sportradar's NCAAFB API v7

Sportradar's NCAAMB API v7

Sportradar's NCAAMH API v3

Sportradar's NCAAWB API v7

Sportradar's NFL Betting Insights API v1

Sportradar's NFL API v7

Sportradar's NHL Betting Insights API v1

Sportradar's NHL Official API v7

Sportradar's NHRA API v1

Sportradar's Odds Comparison Player Props API

Sportradar's Odds Comparison Regular API v1

Sportradar's Pesapallo API v1

Sportradar's Probabilities API

Sportradar's Rugby API v3

Sportradar's Rugby API v3

Sportradar's Rugby API v3

Sportradar's Snooker API v2

Sportradar's Soccer Betting Insights API v1

Sportradar's Soccer Extended API v4

Sportradar's Soccer API v4

Sportradar's Squash API v1

Sportradar's Table Tennis API v2

Sportradar's Tennis API v3

Sportradar's Waterpolo API v1

Sportradar's Winter Sports API

Sportradar's WNBA API v7

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  • Australian Rules Football v3

  • Badminton

  • Bandy

  • Beach Soccer

  • Beach Volleyball

  • BIG3

  • Cricket v2

  • Curling

  • Cycling

  • Darts