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04/23/2024Player Profile

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We added a boolean amateur flag to golfer profiles to denote whether the player is an amateur.
<player first_name="Sample" last_name="Amateur" id="8f8018b8-add5-4e18-9cd9-1884b725401f" score="-4" 
        thru="18" strokes="68" eagles="0" birdies="4" pars="14" bogeys="0" double_bogeys="0" holes_in_one="0" 
        other_scores="0" abbr_name="S.Amateur" starting_hole="1" amateur="true">
      <course id="b0beca73-9ad2-45ca-81b5-56ac564615d3" name="La Quinta Country Club" yardage="7060" par="72">
"first_name": "Sample",
"last_name": "Amateur",
"id": "8f8018b8-add5-4e18-9cd9-1884b725401f",
"score": -4,
"thru": 18,
"strokes": 68,
"eagles": 0,
"birdies": 4,
"pars": 14,
"bogeys": 0,
"double_bogeys": 0,
"holes_in_one": 0,
"other_scores": 0,
"abbr_name": "S.Amateur",
"starting_hole": 1,
"amateur": true,

Update applies to: Golf v3