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When you register for an account, you can get free and immediate trial access to our APIs. Our API trials provide limited call trial keys so you can access our sports data and plan your integration without spending a dime.

Which data package is right for you?

If you decide to buy, you are given a new production key to access your feeds at the agreed upon request volume. The frequency and volume of API calls determines our pricing structure.

We realize that every customer has unique needs. We have designed our four data packages with specific customer requirements in mind.

Package Customer Requirements API Request Rates
Real-Time Real-time updates for all data across Web, tablet and mobile applications
  • Game feeds pulled continuously
  • All other feeds pulled several times each day
Premium Play-by-play and game stat updates in near real-time
  • Game feeds pulled once every 3 minutes
  • Schedule, standings and rosters pulled every day
Standard Updates at key game intervals (e.g., every MLB game inning; every NFL game quarter/half)
  • Game feeds pulled once every 15 minutes
  • Schedule, standings and rosters pulled several times each week
Basic Daily updates
  • Game feeds pulled once per game
  • Schedule, standings and rosters pulled several times each week

Feed Pricing

The following is a table of information for each data feed package, broken down by sport. The dollar amount is the monthly fee. Also listed are the maximum 30 day API requests allowed, and the customer support provided with each package. All feed request limits are based on a rolling 30 days, wherein calls from the 31st day will fall off of the total number of calls requested.
  • Fees are only charged during the active months of each sport, and are prorated for optional preseason or postseason coverage months.
  • Discounts are provided to customers who license data for multiple sports.
League Max API Requests/30 Days Prices
NFL Official
2,000,000 Please contact us for pricing based on your custom needs.
NFL 300,000
MLB 2,000,000
NBA 910,000
NHL Official 2,000,000
NCAA FB 900,000
NCAA MB 2,800,000
Golf 560,000
NASCAR Official 100,000
NASCAR 21,000
Soccer Europe 1,050,000
Soccer Americas 1,200,000
Soccer International 1,050,000
Soccer Asia 750,000
Soccer Other 1,050,000
WNBA 455,000
Cricket 450,000
Nippon Professional Baseball 500,000
Rugby 1,000,000
Tennis 3,000,000
eSports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 575,000
eSports League of Legends 550,000
eSports DOTA2 500,000
Olympics 2,000,000

Support Plan: Designated account manager with phone support

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League Max API Requests/30 Days Monthly Prices Starting At:
NFL 35,000 $6,000
MLB 225,000 $2,850
NBA 110,000 $1,850
NHL Official 235,000 $3,000
NCAA FB 100,000 $3,350
NCAA MB 310,000 $3,350
Golf 64,000 $1,350
NASCAR 2,500 $1,150
Soccer Europe 140,000 $1,925
Soccer Americas 160,000 $1,500
Soccer International 140,000 $1,200
Soccer Asia 100,000 $1,200
Soccer Other 140,000 $900
NCAA WB 105,000
NCAA MH 53,000 $1,450
WNBA 55,000 $1,650
Cricket N/A N/A
Nippon Professional Baseball 55,000 $900
Rugby 125,000 $850
Tennis 300,000 $650
eSports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 40,000 $1,350
eSports League of Legends 22,000 $1,350
eSports DOTA2 19,000 $1,350

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League Max API Requests/30 Days Monthly Prices Starting At:
NFL 7,000 $2,300
MLB 45,000 $1,650
NBA 20,000 $1050
NHL Official 45,000 $1,800
NCAA FB 22,000 $1,900
NCAA MB 62,000 $1,900
Golf 16,000 $750
NASCAR 1,000 $650
Soccer Europe 28,000 $1,100
Soccer Americas 27,000 $900
Soccer International 28,000 $700
Soccer Asia 15,000 $700
Soccer Other 28,000 $550
NCAA WB 62,000 $800
NCAA MH 30,000 $800
WNBA 10,000 $950
Cricket N/A N/A
Nippon Professional Baseball 11,000 $500
Rugby 25,000 $500
Tennis 50,000 $400

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League Max API Requests/30 Days Monthly Prices Starting At:
NFL 750 $1150
MLB 3,000 $800
NBA 1,750 $550
NHL Official 4,500 $950
NCAA FB 1,850 $950
NCAA MB 4,500 $950
Golf 600 $400
NASCAR 125 $350
Soccer Europe 3,500 $550
Soccer Americas 4,000 $400
Soccer International 3,500 $350
Soccer Asia 2,500 $350
Soccer Other 3,500 $250
NCAA WB 4,500 $400
NCAA MH 3,000 $400
WNBA 875 $500
Cricket N/A N/A
MMA 750 $375
Nippon Professional Baseball 1,000 $250
Rugby 2,500 $250
Tennis 10,000 $200
eSports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1,500 $400
eSports League of Legends 1,200 $400
eSports DOTA2 1,000 $400

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White Label Odds

White label odds feeds are provided through a partnership with Prediction Machine (www.predictionmachine.com).

The "guaranteed line" is an amalgamation of consensus line information from over 30 sports books throughout the world, as well as Prediction Machine’s proprietary simulation and power rating calculations.  What is unique about the "guaranteed line" is that, even when Vegas has taken a game off the board due to lineup changes, weather or other factors, Prediction Machine can provide an accurate line using the Predictalator's simulation technology, which is able to account for all up-to-date information.

The guaranteed line is established Sunday night prior to the NFL week and Monday night for the college week. Lines for daily sports – NHL, NBA, MLB and college basketball – are available beginning at 4 pm ET the previous day.

All feeds update every 30 minutes after the initial rotation number is created.

Rotation numbers and Sportradar US game IDs are provided with each feed.

Historical line tracking for each game is available.

White Label Odds API Levels and Pricing
Odds Level Basic Level Odds Standard Level Odds Premium Level Odds
Max API Requests/Mo. 50 500 5,000
Customer Support Customer support phone and email
Pricing - Monthly Rate Starts At: $300 $600 $1,000


***Please see the Odds API documentation for differences between Odds levels.



Sportradar US offers a library of high quality images to enhance our data products.

We offer two types of image products for our customers:

Images: Headshots for players and coaches, as well as venue images.

  • Headshots are available for: NHL, NFL, MLB, PGA, NASCAR, NCAA Men's Basketball, NCAA Football, MLS as well as English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A
  • Coach images are available for: NFL, MLB, and NHL
  • Venue images available for: MLB, NASCAR, NFL, NHL

Live Images: In-game images

  • Live images are available for NHL, MLB, PGA, NASCAR, NCAA Men's Basketball, NCAA Football, and MLS.

To view our library, please click here.

Images API Pricing and Requests

Sport Headshots - Annual Fee Starting At: Live Images
NFL $3000 Please contact us for pricing based on your custom needs.
MLB $3000
NHL $3000
NCAA FB $3000
NCAA MB $3000
Golf $3000
MLS $3000
NASCAR $3000



Our editorial feeds are supplied through a partnership with The Sports Xchange.

The content is split into two categories: News and Analysis.

We've partnered with The Sports Xchange and their team of 400 writers for in-depth coverage of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAAFB & NCAAMB.

Two main products:

  • Newswire
  • Deeper Analysis

Six content streams to choose from:

  • Game previews
  • Game recaps
  • Daily team reports
  • Injury news
  • Trade/free agency/other transaction news
  • General news

Historical Data

Past Season Data Backfill

For the 4 major professional sports, we provide player & team bio information, player & team seasonal statistics, and player & team game logs.

For NCAA Football and NCAA Men's Basketball, we provide team and player seasonal statistics.

Customers who purchase historical data will receive the option of yearly updates for an additional fee.

Sport Data Coverage Pricing Starting At:
NFL 1933 - 2014* $3000
NBA 1946 - 2014* $3000
MLB 1876 - 2015* $3000
NHL 1917 - 2014* $3000
NCAA FB 2008 - 2014* $3000
NCAA MB 2008 - 2014* $3000
* The years following are available within the sports API.  
Please direct all pricing inquiries to: us-sales@sportradar.com. We look forward to discussing a data package and price that works for you!