Sportradar API Version Strategy


Sportradar regularly enhances our APIs to provide the most comprehensive sports data. We have adopted the following versioning strategy to provide flexibility in your development.

Versioning Strategy:

Sportradar provides support for one current and two previous versions of an API. These versions are considered stable as it relates to the schema, data elements, behaviors, and formats as they will not change. Defects in calculations or logic will be addressed at the discretion of Sportradar. Previous versions will continue to be available but are not supported, and will no longer be available to new customers. It is your responsibility to migrate to one of the current, stable versions. To find the currently supported versions, see the Sportradar Versioning Matrix at the bottom of this page. More information about about this can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Example Scenarios:

Scenario 1: It is determined that the method used to calculate an MLB split is incorrect. The format and behavior of the API will not change. Only the actual data will change. Correction will be made to the current version at Sportradar’s discretion and released to all stable versions.
Scenario 2: A new data element is developed mid-season. The new data element will be released in the next stable version of the API. This new data element will not be added to the previous, still supported, versions.
Scenario 3: A new end-point is created mid-season. The new end-point will be introduced in the next stable version of the API. This new end-point will not be added to the previous, still supported, versions.
Scenario 4: A new API version is released. When a new version is released the previous current version becomes the new supported version along with the previous supported version. When this occurs the oldest supported version becomes unsupported. For instance, when v4 of an API is released becoming the new current version, V3 and v2 of the API would be the supported previous versions, and v1 would become unsupported.


Q: How do I find the latest version of an API?

A: API versions can be found in the documentation on the Sportradar Developer Portal or in the Sportradar API version matrix below.

Q: How does Sportradar notify customers when a new version is released?

A: When releasing a new version, we send a product announcement to the email associated with your Mashery username. Our product announcements are also posted to the Sportradar Blog.

Sportradar Versioning Matrix


ProductTypeCurrent VersionStable Version 1Stable version 2
NFL API Football v7 v6 v5
NCAA Football API Football v7 - -
Aussie Rules Football API Football v3 v2 v1
Global American Football API Football v2 v1 -
MLB API Baseball v7 v6.6 v6.5
Global Baseball API Baseball v2 v1 -
MLB Historical API Baseball v1 - -
NBA API Basketball v7 v5 v4
NBA G League Basketball v7 v5 -
WNBA API Basketball v7 v4 v3
NCAA MB API Basketball v7 v4 v3
NCAA WB API Basketball v7 v3 -
Global Basketball API Basketball v2 v1 -
BIG3 Basketball v1 - -
NBA Historical API Basketball v1 - -
NHL API Hockey v7 v6 v5
NCAA MH API Hockey v3 - -
Global Ice Hockey API Hockey v2 v1 -
Field Hockey API Hockey v2 v1
NHL Historical API Hockey v1 - -
Soccer Extended API Soccer v4 v3 -
Soccer API Soccer v4 v3 -
Beach Soccer Soccer v1 - -
NASCAR API Racing v3 - -
Classic NASCAR API Racing v3 - -
Motorsport API Racing v1 - -
MotoGP API Racing v2 - -
Formula 1 API Racing v2 - -
Formula E API Racing v2 - -
Indy Car API Racing v2 - -
NHRA API Racing v1 - -
Horse Racing API Racing v2 - -
Golf API Golf v3 v2 -
Cricket API Cricket v2 v1 -
Tennis API Tennis v3 v2 -
Rugby API Rugby v3 v2 -
Editorial Content API Editorial Content v3 - -
Odds Comparison Regular API Odds v1 - -
Odds Comparison Player Props API Odds v2 - -
Probabilities API Odds v1 - -
Images API Images v3 - -
NBA Historical API Historical v1 - -
Badminton API Badminton v2 v1
Bandy API Bandy v1 - -
Cycling API Cycling v2 v1
Beach Volleyball API Volleyball v2 v1 -
Indoor Volleyball API Volleyball v2 v1 -
Curling API Curling v1 - -
Darts API Darts v2 v1 -
Floorball API Floorball v1 - -
Futsal API Futsal v2 v1 -
Handball API Handball v2 v1 -
Lacrosse API Lacrosse v1 - -
Pesapallo API Pesapallo v1 - -
Snooker API Snooker v2 v1 -
Squash API Squash v1 - -
MMA API Combat Sports v2 - -
Waterpolo API Waterpolo v1 - -
Winter Sports API Winter Sports v1 - -
Table Tennis API Table Tennis v2 - -